Beer Time

September 2010

Wandering lonely as a cloud up the windswept end of Albany Street, I ran into the Bazaar Beer Café (1 Albany Street St Leonards, Ph 9438 1999). Well, I actually walked in and saw they had some interesting-looking beers on tap. Give me your bitterest draught, please, and, beer heaven, I discovered Bernard Lager, a Czech beer. The menu told me “superior-quality Czech malt, natural spring water from the Moravia and hops from Zatec are used in production of this outstanding unpasteurised draught beer”. For once the truth. Chatting to the barman I expressed surprise I hadn’t heard of the place and said I guess it shows how rarely I cross the bridge just to wander around. “Where are you from?” he asked. “Glebe,” I said. “I’ll let you into a secret,” he said. “The owner is moving to Glebe.” And so he is. I spoke to Thomas Bartovic who hails from Slovakia, and told him how much I loved the Bernard. “We grew up on it,” he said. Just that day he’d signed the lease to open Tomi’s Beer Café (123 Glebe Point Road, no number yet). Now that’s within stumbling distance of where I live. No menu as yet, but Thomas told me it will be beer-friendly food. What isn’t? And for those of you on the other side of the pond, the Bazaar Beer Café is staying as is — same name, same beers and good hearty steaks and schnitzels.

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