Frogs in Honkers

December 2009

I wonder whether it’s because they’ve gone off the boil in Europe that the Michelin brand is spreading to Asia? Copping a lot of flak for upholding old-fashioned cookery, Michelin, in a move almost designed to infuriate Le Grand Brigade of toque tippers in Paris, named Tokyo as the capital of world cuisine. And now we see the second edition of the Michelin Hong Kong Macau guide, an event which, I’m pretty sure, will be greeted with indifference by the foodlovers of Hong Kong who know very well where to eat without being told by the French.

But in a break with tradition, the HKM edition highlights what it calls a Bib Gourmand category (don’t you love the way they get into the local lingo?) of Cheap Eats: or, as they say, “top-quality cuisine at highly affordable prices”. I think we’ll continue to get our tips from the locals.

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