GM wheat

July 2010

Now here’s a scary thing. The CSIRO has had the go ahead to test 11 varieties of GM wheat, one of which will lower the glycaemic index of wheat. Apart from any other problems that might arise — like we could lose our wheat export market because nobody, but nobody in the world, wants GM wheat. You can chop 20 units off the glycaemic index of wheat products by using wholemeal flour. If you want to know about the horrors of genetically modified foods, get hold of a copy of The World According to Monsanto by Mary Monique Robin, published in Australia by Spinifex Press ($34.95), released July 7. After you’ve read it, you’ll wonder why this company not only still exists but still has the ear of Australian politicians and the CSIRO. Well, you won’t wonder; you’ll know why. It’s not a pretty story.

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