Genetic heads-up

December 2008

If you want to avoid genetically engineered food (GE), our labelling laws won’t really help you. The best way to go is the Greenpeace True Food Guide, launched late November by Margaret Fulton, Jared Ingersoll and Alex Herbert at a very pleasant (GE-free) brunch at Bird Cow Fish (500 Crown St, Surry Hills, Ph 9380 4090).

It couldn’t be easier. There’s a Red list of brands to avoid — they won’t fess up to using or not using GE ingredients — and a Green list of those who’ve decided to avoid GE. You can get yours by going to and either downloading the list or sending off for the handy little wallet/purse-sized guide so you can take it shopping.

The line of the day went to Margaret Fulton who, when wondering why people would listen to her on the subject of GE, said, “Well, people seem to trust my scone recipes…

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