Makan enak!

October 2010

You might recall last month I had a whinge about the number of Thai restaurants in town. Well, not long after that a mate of mine came down from the north coast and I asked him what he felt like eating. “Kway teow,” he said. “Haven’t had one for years” We used to spend a bit of time in Malaysia together. So I took him to a place I hadn’t been to, a little local loved by UTS students called Kopitiam (594 Harris Street Ultimo, Ph 9282 9883). I hadn’t been for a while and remembered it as pretty good, but nothing outstanding — good nasi lemak. I don’t know what happened (same owners), but the food is sensational. The kway teow took my old mate straight back to KL — just hot enough, smoky and not greasy. The nasi lemak was seriously good and we had little crisply fried triangles of tofu stuffed with bean sprouts that were a lot better than they sounded. I went back again the next week with another friend and she went back with her partner. One to try — and student priced. Oh, and makan enak means “delicious food”.

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