No thanks, it's FebFast

February 2010

For some years, it was my habit to give up drinking during February. Why February? everybody asked. Because it’s the shortest month was my invariable answer. And also being just after the season of gluttony, it gave the old bod a chance to recover. Now, this Newtonian habit has been institutionalised as FebFast, a national initiative that raises funds to combat alcohol abuse among young people. Wine judge and good liver Max Allen is going on the wagon for the cause. Now that is admirable, because, as he points out amusingly, while it’s not so easy for us ordinary folk, for a bloke who works in an office where “wine tumbles from every nook, pours from every cranny; when I’m not tasting — and drinking — at home, I’m out at some posh wine dinner or winery lunch. Sometimes it feels that I am floating, like some demented Damien Hirst sculpture, in alcoholic purple fluid”, it is indeed a hard call. If you fancy joining in, go to and sign up. And when you’ve finished, check Max Allen’s biodynamic wine site By then, you’ll probably have a bit of a thirs

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