Noodle off

September 2010

Up at the northern Chinese end of Glebe Point Road (near Broadway), we were delighted to see the Glebe Chinese Noodle Shop open its doors with handmade Northern Chinese noodle dishes. We were in love. But not for long. Late August, inexplicably, in spite of good reviews online, it closed its doors. A couple of weeks later, in moved  Mr Fire (25 Glebe Point Road, Ph 9660 2929) and, yes, it’s another northern Chinese offering. Raymond Xu is the owner. He’s from Shanghai and the chef, who has no English, is from Beijing. There’s a lot of charcoal barbecue dishes (fire, of course), like secret fire recipe lamb skew (I think they mean skewer) and secret fire recipe grilled Chinese garlic leeks. This is Raymond’s first restaurant. We wish him well and will report back on it next column.

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