What a load of tripe

November 2010

How would you like to join a club dedicated to the consumption of the lining of a cow’s stomach? Yes! Yes! I can hear you screaming. The Tripe Club is made up of people who do love to eat those much-maligned bits of the beast in all their glorious forms. It was originally started in Perth by an architect called Lance Burton whose wife refused to cook him his favourite dish (could have tried himself, of course), and who came to Sydney in 1988. Today, convenor John Dowling reckons there are around 300 members.

First, how do you join? Well, you can just turn up at the next lunch (see below) or go to the www.tripesite.com.au
and register your interest.

The next lunch — which I will definitely be going to — is on Tuesday December 7 at Velero (2/6 Cowper Wharf Road Woolloomooloo) and will feature, in addition to Callos a la Madrilena, tripe the way they cook it in Madrid, and another fabulous food item, the Catalan sausage butifarra, a splendid sausage that’s either black (made with blood) or white, in this instance, made with pork and tripe, which I have never seen served in Sydney. So I guess that rules out the vegetarians. All these wonderful squishy bits of animal will be accompanied by Spanish wine. Book before November 30 on 9489 2239 or by email to tripeclub@intsciences.com.au $65  a head, pay on the day, preferably in cash.

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