Where's that fish from?

January 2011

When you buy fish from a fish monger or the fish market, by laws the label has to tell you where it comes from. But what about when you order fish in a restaurant how do you know where it comes from? Some Australian seafood producers are working to have Country of Origin labelling extend to food service. The industry body, Restaurant & Catering (R&C) opposes the policy. Why? The policy is ‘not based on sound evidence’; it ‘imposes a unjustifiable regulatory burden; and would be ‘incapable of being enforced.’ Sorry chaps, load of hooey. What do you means by evidence. Evidence of what? Evidence that it’s better for us to eat Australian seafood? Self-evident I’d say. As for the other two, for years restaurants have told us that they are serving Coffin Bay Oysters or Hawkesbury calamari – what’s so hard?  As for enforcing, a big fine if you get caught and a few swoops a year should keep them honest. Personally, I prefer to eat seafood from  the very well run fisheries and farms of Australia.

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