November 2009

Prawns are in good supply and don’t need much doing to them. Letting their natural flavours shine, The Victoria Room is simply pan-searing them with garlic and parsley and drizzling a bit of lemon and chilli oil to finish. Punters can’t get enough of them, we’re told.

This time of year it’s a buyer’s market for oysters and Sydney Rocks from up and down the NSW coast, er, rock. Get them freshly shucked with eschalot and champagne vinegar at Manly’s Whitewater. Flathead’s down a bit in price this month, so you could follow those oysters with battered flatty, hand-cut chips, tartare sauce and an avocado and pink grapefruit salad.

Life’s looking pretty good now that the stock market’s recovering and lobster prices are dropping. Yes, dropping. It won’t last long, especially with Christmas around the corner, but you’ll find it now at Fish at the Rocks (29 Kent Street, The Rocks, ph 9252 4614) grilled with lemon butter and spring onions.

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