January 2010

Local fish at this time of year stars Spanish mackerel from the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland, which is always popular in Southeast Asian restaurants where it’s likely to be curried. But, being a rich, oily fish, it also works well with acidic flavours. If Colin Fassnidge from the Four in Hand gets his hands on it, he’ll likely panfry it and serve it with lemon and a citrus salad.

Calamari from Tasmania are a decent size and work nicely in Firefly’s slow-cooked rotoli. A simpler but no less appealing interpretation is Uccello’s lightly fried calamari served with mayonnaise and lemon (Ivy, Level 4, 320–330 George St, Sydney, Ph 9240 3000). Intermezzo’s also not mucking around with it much, serving it with lemon and chilli oil. Perfetto.

There’s a good variety of prawns available now. Try tigers in the spicy prawn sambal down at Mamak and don’t forget to order some roti for sauce mopping while you’re there.

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