June 2009

Has anyone noticed the absolute glut of sweet, juicy Imperial mandarins at the moment? Sean Moran is using them along with ruby grapefruit to make sorbets at Sean’s Panaroma. He’s also stewing cumquats and serving them alongside a comforting baked custard.

Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Fuji apples are the pick varieties at this time of year and there is also some good rhubarb around. Happily, you can get them both in a crumble served with vanilla icecream at the Republic Hotel in the Rocks. Or pretend you’re boosting your vitamin C intake with the season’s naval oranges by ordering the orange curd tart with warm chocolate sauce at the same place. Pears, which are showing up in winter salads with bitter leaves and walnuts, are also used at Pendolino in the Campari poached pear tart.

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