November 2009

Mangoes are creeping in now but the season’s yet to really crank up, so they’re still expensive. There are still good avocados around (yes, they are a fruit) even though the season’s drawing to a close. Get them in a BLAT at Sideways Deli Café; that’s a bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwich on toasted Turkish bread with herbed mayonnaise. Pink lady apples are among the best varieties at the moment. Tabou caramelises apples and serves them with boudin noir — that’s black pudding to you and me — and it’s a delightful marriage.

Early grapes are coming in and that includes maroo seedless grapes. It’s unusual to get a black grape without seeds and they look great on a cheese platter. Just ask Alex Watts at the Welcome Hotel — he’s serving them with Roquefort and fruit toast.

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