December 2009

Mangoes will peak this month and, come New Year, we will have consumed cases of them. That gorgeous neighbourhood bistro, Elysium, turns them into a bombe alaska with almonds and serves it with orange and rum syrup. And if you really want a dessert that screams summer, get to the Burlington Bar & Dining where they make a mango tarte fine served with tequila syrup and lychee and coconut sorbet.

Victorian strawberries never look like finishing and good raspberries are also on the way in. Both of these tangy-sweet fruits are used at Republic Hotel in their raspberry parfait with hazelnut praline and strawberry sauce.

Blood oranges make a fabulous, refreshing granita at Spice Temple. There’s nothing like it to cool the palate after some of those famously spicy dishes.

Rhubarb season is drawing to a close, but there’s still some good stuff around. Lucio’s is serving it chilled with a buttermilk pannacotta and bayleaf consommé. You’ll also find it in a vanilla and gin trifle at Etch.

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