February 2010

Although we’re only a month away from autumn, February seems to be the hottest month and, happily, the one when watermelon reaches its peak. Never was there better timing. At Fix St James (111 Elizabeth St, Sydney, Ph 9232 2767) they make a refreshing watermelon granita, which is as good as biting into a chilled wedge of fruit but without the drips.

Early pears like Williams have started and will be found served with French toast, walnuts and maple syrup at La Grande Bouffe. They also do the classic salad teaming pears with Roquefort and, again, walnuts. Now, we’re not saying they’re fixated on the combo, but it shows up again at dessert in a pear and walnut pudding with warm toffee and cinnamon icecream. If it works, flog it I say.

Peaches are on the way out, so it might be a good idea to get in while you can with a peach Melba at Alio. Stone fruit are often better cooked than fresh — it intensifies their flavour somehow — and here the peaches are poached and served with vanilla icecream and fresh raspberry sauce.

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