June 2010

All kinds of citrus fruits are good and cheap in this first month of winter.  At Maitre Karl, orange juice as well as Grand Marnier are vital to the tang and sweetness of that classic dessert, crepes Suzette.

Utilising the lemon glut, Selah serves lemon curd with rhubarb crumble and ginger icecream. There’s more of the tangy red stuff in an apple, rhubarb and coconut crumble at Sugaroom.

Pears are everywhere at the moment, including at Sugaroom where they’re caramelised and served with duck confit and marjoram-infused polenta. Number One’s serving a pear and frangipane tart with raspberry sorbet.

Hass avocados are plentiful and cheap and that fruit is always a key ingredient at Sideways Deli Café. They’re famous for their BLAT — bacon, lettuce avocado and tomato on toasted Turkish with herbed mayo.

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