August 2010

Several types of mandarins are peaking now. Look for the mandarin sorbet Rockpool Bar & Grill serves alongside its signatures cheesecake. Queensland strawberries are part of a warm rhubarb and almond pudding and, although it might seem early for passionfruit , they adorn the pav there.

Strawberries also feature in Beppi’s crepes, which are flambéed in Grand Marnier. They’re also at The Book Kitchen whipped with mascarpone into a mousse to fill a tart.

Apples and pears are best in winter and they can both be found on the Whitewater dessert menu: apples as a compote with vanilla rice pudding and orange blossom sorbet, while a roasted pear is served with sweet ricotta ravioli and brandy snaps. Also roasting pears is Lucio; he serves a single fruit with a polenta cookie and gingerbread icecream. Beppi’s turns William pears into a semifreddo, serving it with hazelnut custard and a chocolate-coated strawberry.

Blood oranges have started and Blackwater mixes their juice with Grand Marnier for a granita.

Brekkie features lots of seasonal fruits at The Book Kitchen. Passionfruit butter comes with the banana bread and the pear, date and walnut loaf and you can spread your toast with either blood orange marmalade or strawberry and rhubarb jam.

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