September 2010

The recent cold snap has been great for rhubarb, turning it a deep red. Raspberries, although not strictly in season, are available and very good. Both fruits can be found in the zuppa inglese — that’s trifle to you and me — at Icebergs. There’s an Italian accent to it with the rhubarb braised in chianti and the jelly a mix of raspberry and Moscato d’Asti.  The whole thing is crowned with pistachios and fresh raspberries.

There are plenty of pears around now too, in several varieties. Ormeggio uses pears, Corellas in this case, in a salad with baked buffalo ricotta, red witlof and truffle honey. Bambini Trust tosses them  into a salad with goat’s cheese, witlof and Moscato vinegar. Work up to that with a cocktail of Campari and blood orange juice, also in season.

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