September 2009

Beetroot continues strongly and there are still good baby ones around in red or gold. The Terrace on Pittwater roasts the small reds for a tart with gorgonzola and serves it with watercress, thyme and honey beetroot glaze.

Onions have a tendency to sprout with the arrival of spring, but we’re not going to hold that against them. Try them in seriously dark, caramelised form in the pissaladiere at Croquembouche Patisserie (1635 Botany Rd, Banksmeadow, Ph 9666 3069).

It’s peak season for peas, too. Fine Fish serves what they call ‘mushy peas’ with its fish and chips but rather than use the dried split ones they mince fresh peas with marjoram, plating it in a little quenelle-shaped heap.

We love the close eye the Strodes keep on the seasons at Bistrode. With the arrival of Victorian asparagus, they present it as a starter with a poached duck egg. And for home cooks intimidated by the hundreds of globe artichokes currently in shops, best leave it to the professionals and have them at Bistrode with ocean trout

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