Cuisine: Sushi,Japanese

Why do locals queue outside this sushi bar just about every lunch and dinner time? They’re here for the fresh seafood handpicked at the Sydney Fish Market every day, as well as the contemporary atmosphere and elegant presentation of sushi train plates
$2.50–$7.80. Perch on your stool and peer through the plastic-capped exhibits. Cute caterpillar rolls with artfully striped avocado and a plastic cup of fried fish nitsuke $4.80 from the conveyor are all you need for a light lunch. Sashimi $7.50–$16.80 is slick, non-gristly and spanking fresh, while tempura king prawns $9.80 are light and crispy. Hot things such as fisherman’s soup $6.80, bowls of udon $8.90–$12.80, tonkatsu (crumbed) pork $8.80 and wagyu beef $14.80 are also available. Perfectly positioned for post-meal shopping or train commuting.


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