Cuisine: Chinese

You can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge a Chinese restaurant by its decor. Look past the dated shopfront and interior, as well as the unglamorous location, to find delicious food with a serious barbecue component. Staff will recommend Top BBQ steak in special sauce $17.80 but other chef’s specials are just as impressive. Peking duck $38.80, served over two courses (first the skin rolled in pancakes and then the meat with noodles or rice), is famed, as is salt-and-pepper eggplant $12.80, a potato-chip-like vegetarian take on the usual seasoned, battered and fried version. Combination barbecued pork and duck $18.80 and a side of Chinese spinach with chilli and garlic $12.80 had us satisfied and then some. You’ll also find all the usual Chinese favourites on the menu but done with more flair and flavour than you’d find in most suburban Chinese joints.

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