Cuisine: Thai

This neighbourhood eatery has been serving consistently good and often interesting Thai food to the residents of Enfield from its purple shopfront restaurant for almost 14 years now. And when you’re there that long and they keep coming back, you’re doing something right. And that’s found in classic dishes such as tom kha gai, a deeply satisfying coconut milk chicken soup $8.50, as well as curry goong, a king prawn curry with a choice of four sauces and one of our favourites, hor mok taley, steamed seafood custard in a banana leaf boat $18.50. There’s a long and interesting vegetarian menu with temptations for confirmed carnivores, such as basil eggplant $13.50.

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Cuisine: Thai,Chinese,Northern Chinese

You’ll find two kinds of duck at this champion Cheap Eat: the awful painted one on the wall outside and the gorgeous cooked one — maybe the best and cheapest Peking duck, $60 for four, in town. The room is packed, usually with large tables of hungry Chinese families, and it’s consequently noisy in the best possible way. If you’re a duckophobe or want something else, try gong bao prawns with dried red chilli $17 or yellow croaker fish in chilli sauce $22, which tastes a lot better than it sounds. If it’s cold outside, tuck into a Peking lamb hotpot $17 or do the lamb steamboat thing at $53 for six hungry people or $37 for three ditto.

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