Cuisine: Indian

Happy 21st to this old Cheap Eats favourite, still serving after all these years in its prominent corner site. They offer two menus here, the special and the ordinary — does that mean the ordinary is not special? Leaving that aside, what is special is the Kerala fishballs, marinated ling served with spicy tamatur chutney $11.90. As you might imagine, vegetarians fare well here, with offerings on both menus. But for the omnivores, Balti lamb, a variation of Pakistani cuisine emanating from Birmingham in England (who doesn’t have an English friend who bangs on about the curries back home?), is rich and satisfying. Basmati pilaf is very good and can accompany all dishes rather than be eaten on its own. There’s a banquet menu, $30 a head, and don’t forget to explore the sweets.

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