Cuisine: Thai,Indonesian

The bamboo frontage and interior add authenticity or a touristy feel to this Thai/Indonesian restaurant, depending on how you see it; either way, it’s all in good fun and that shines through in the staff’s enthusiasm. A focus on presentation extends to the dishes, too. Chefs Irwan and Nali plate a mean namsod, Thai-style san choy bow $8. The menu changes regularly with a smattering of house creations. Nut sauce chicken is an original stirfry, made using concentrations of peanuts and chilli $15. Lamb gulai, an Indonesian coconut-milk curry flavoured with cardamom $15, rivals the spicy beef rendang $15. There are two banquet options $25/$30, both with some generously seasoned, lip-smacking barbecued chicken $14. Worth travelling across town for.

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