Cuisine: Filipino

Two sights greet you on entering this outpost of Filipino food: the massive Santo Niño (a traditional religious icon) and the karaoke stage. Both are taken very seriously and this bright faux-red brick room is the place for it. Also serious is their specialty of crispy pata, roast pork hock, a mountain of tender meat and crackly goodness, enough for four at $18.99. Servings are huge, so gauge sizes from the illustrated menu, starting perhaps with tender, marinated pork skewers $5.99. Mains span the rich Spanish-influenced caldereta $16.99 to classic adobos of chicken or pork $13.49. Everyone pairs their meals with small mountains of garlic rice, $8.99/$12.99. Halo halo $6.49, a Filipino version of Malaysia’s ais kachang, is a refreshing way to cool off before your turn on stage if it’s Saturday night.

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