Cuisine: Chinese

The shopping centre surrounds fade into the background as you ease into this invitingly modern Chinese restaurant with its intricately carved timber panels, gorgeous feature walls and glassed-in kitchen letting you in on the behind-the-scenes action. While you’ll find stock-standard Cantonese meals to please passing shoppers, what you’re really looking for is pungent, chilli-spiked Shandong dishes as well as specialties from Shanghai and Szechuan. Try Szechuan-style deep-fried chicken with fiery chilli oil $16.80, handmade noodles in spicy soup with pork mince, vegetables and quail eggs $9.80 and pan-fried pork buns $7.80. The seafood, though, is the real standout. If it’s available, fresh mudcrab with chilli sauce, market price, makes for a joyously messy feast.

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