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Chilled out yum cha

I love to eat yum cha but I donít like how hectic the big yum cha halls in Sydney are, or fighting with other diners for the last serve of mango pancakes. Where can I have an intimate, calm yum cha experience? Regards, Ted

Intimate, calm yum cha? Dear fellow, this is extremely difficult. The whole point of yum cha is huge tables, children under feet and anxiety — that the yum cha maidens will pass you buy. That said, we can take you away from the enormous palaces and offer you a couple of slightly smaller — shall we say, mansions?

At Marrickville you’ll find Hung Cheung (338 Marrickville Road, Marrickville, Ph 9560 4681), which seats a mere 180 (come on, compare that to The Eight at 600) and offers what our reviewer describes as wonderful yum cha in daggy surroundings.

And if you really want peace (man) there’s vegan and vegetarian yum cha at Bodhi in the Park (Cook & Phillip Park, College Street, Sydney, Ph 9360 2523) where you’ll still get your mango pancakes.

Peace and yum cha,

The Doctor

Play-it-safe parents

My parentsí idea of a good night out is a country at the local RSL. When they visit Sydney I want to broaden their horizons, but not scare them off. Can you recommend a good bistro-style restaurant with a twist, and at a good price? Regards, Gina

Can I offer a little avuncular advice? For parents such as yours, forget the “twist”. Just give them a good, straight-up-and-down meal in comfy surroundings — then on the next trip, hit them with the twist. A couple of suggestions:

Firstly, Linda’s on King Street (341 King Street, Newtown, Ph 9550 6015). Once you’re inside, they’ll think they’re having dinner at an old friend’s house — only better. Beautifully cooked, totally un-scary food served with grace. 

And then a little more daring — Italian, but then who doesn’t like Italian? Why, spaghetti bolognaise is a naturalised Aussie dish isn’t it?  The Doctor thinks they’ll love La Disfida Enoteca Pizza (109 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, Ph 9798 8299) where owner Peter Zuzza will lead them gently through the pizzas and the gorgeous pastas. They’ll never go back to the country RSL again.

Happy families,

The Doctor

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